First Ten Minutes of EASY A Online

     September 14, 2010

The Emma Stone comedy Easy A has received highly positive buzz coming out of this year’s Toronto International Film Festival.  When you see the first ten minutes of the movie that studio Screen Gems has put online, you’ll begin to understand why.  While the framing device of Emma Stone’s character narrating her story via a video blog reminds me of this, there’s also plenty of wit and Stone looks like she could be giving a breakthrough performance.  This intro does a great job of selling the movie and after watching these first ten minutes, I’m betting you’ll want to see the other eighty.

Hit the jump to check out the first ten minutes of the film and click here to see eight clips plus a featurette.  Easy A opens this Friday.

Intro via MySpace.

‘Easy A’ First 10 Minutes Sneak Peek

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