First TOY STORY 3 Trailer

     October 9, 2009

Toy Story 3 image (1).jpg

While the trailer for “Toy Story 3” was supposed to premiere on MySpace this Monday, due to the trailer playing in theaters on the “Toy Story” double feature, it’s been online for over a week. Since leaking, most websites have stayed away from posting it, but for some reason, today is the day that everyone feels it’s safe to post…so I’m joining the party.

As you might imagine, Pixar’s “Toy Story 3” trailer looks awesome. It’s got great looking animation, a few jokes that will make you laugh, but most important, “Toy Story 3” looks to have a solid story with Andy going off to college and the gang trying to stay together. With Pixar’s track record this movie is certain to be worth everyone’s time. Check the trailer out after the jump, and go see the “Toy Story” 3D double feature this weekend in theaters, as the movies stand up and the 3D looks great.

Toy Story 3 image.jpg


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