FLASH GORDON Is Flashing Forward

     August 8, 2008

Written by Nicole Pedersen

I hate to even broach the subject of the new “Flash Gordon” movie with you people. The last time I did it was with a story about how Columbia wanted to be the studio to reboot the “Flash” franchise but that Sony came in and won some sort of bidding war. Now, in my defense, I did not make that story up out of thin air – still, it was pointed out to me that Sony owns Columbia and therefore could not really ‘compete’ with a studio they own. I am not about to argue – especially because that will only lead to my writing more apology emails later tonight.

So, if I could just avoid the “Flash Gordon” film (the new one from “Sahara” man Breck Eisner) I would be perfectly content. Unfortunately the news will keep updating and “Gordon” is going forward at “breakneck” speed. Proving this, Sony has hired two writers to update the planet Mongo – Matt Sazama and Burk Sharpless.

Never heard of them right? That’s because they have no IMdB credits (although The Hollywood Reporter says that they have written a vampire prequel called “Dracula Year Zero” for Universal). Still – their names are killer right? Sounds like they should be fighting alongside Flash: “with his trusty side-kick ‘Burk Sharpless,’ Flash fights the evil plots of ‘Sazama.'” It works, right?

Of course if you happen to be named Sharpless or Sazama, please fell free to register your thoughts and criticisms at the above email address. I’ll be waiting.

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