FLASH GORDON Movie Update In the Works – UPDATED

     May 20, 2008

Written by Nicole Pedersen

Last night I reported that Columbia Pictures was planning to update “Flash Gordon” as a major motion picture. Well, they were planning to, until a bidding war with the license holder erupted. Sony came out the winner, according to Daily Variety.

Hearst Publication’s subsidiary, King World Features, held the rights to the “Flash” character after a 2004 deal with Universal failed to produce a movie. “The Mummy” director Stephen Sommers was to produce.

The new project at Sony still has “Sahara” helmer Breck Eisner attached to direct with Neil Moritz producing, and is still a bizarre choice for a live action flick in my book. Of course, if they went full-tilt funny on the script – you know spoof the 1980 film and throw in a little of the Queen soundtrack, it could be good – but you’ve seen “Sahara.” How good could it be?

Here is my original story:

Columbia Pictures is planning a big screen update for the classic comic hero “Flash Gordon.” According to The Hollywood Reporter, the studio is in talks to acquire the film rights to the character for Breck Eisner (“Sahara“) to direct.

“Flash Gordon” got his start in the comic strips of the 1930’s and later in serialized movie shorts. “Flash” was also the star of a comically bad 1980 feature that was only notable for its campy soundtrack by Queen. More recently, the Sci-Fi channel resurrected “Flash Gordon” for what was arguably this season’s worst science fiction- based television series.

The original story of “Flash Gordon” revolves around a Yale grad and polo player (and yes, his name is Flash Gordon) who is transported by a mad scientist to the planet Mongo. There he encounters one of comic’s most enduring villains, Ming the Merciless, who has been raining meteors down on the Earth. Sounds kind of silly right? And I didn’t even mention the Shark Men.

The fact that Columbia has decided to push for a “Flash Gordon” movie despite the fact that the self-same character failed to generate any interest as a TV show this year is hilarious. You see, the original “Flash” comic strip was created in 1934 to compete with the insanely popular “Buck Rogers.” Just this month Nu Image/ Millennium films announced their intentions to bring “Buck” to the big screen – is this a coincidence? Has to be history repeating, otherwise no one would go for a polo-playing yuppie in space – would they?

I would normally include a link to The Hollywood Reporter story here, to see why I haven’t, read this

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