After Superman/Batman Movie in 2015, Warner Bros. Planning FLASH in 2016 and JUSTICE LEAGUE in 2017

     July 20, 2013


Warner Bros. has been developing a superhero team-up movie to match Marvel’s Avengers success with their DC characters for some time now, but the plans keep stalling.  WB has finally found a way in, and is ready to announce their gameplan at Comic-Con today.  After Man of Steel, Superman and Batman are both established at the box office, so it makes sense to follow Man of Steel with a Superman/Batman team-up in 2015 as reported earlier today.  But wait, there’s more!  Heat Vision adds that the studio is planning a Flash movie in 2016 and finally getting to Justice League in 2017.

That is all the detail we have at the moment, but this is an exciting time to be a DC fan.  Check back soon for our full recap of the Warner Bros. Comic-Con panel.  Hit the jump for a tired Marvel/DC comparison.

justice-league-comic-coverI don’t think it’s always fair to compare WB/DC to the lightning in a bottle that Marvel captured.  But I like the parallels here in terms of establishing characters leading up to the group movie:

  • Batman/Iron Man – Massive box office success, the franchise flagship.
  • Superman/Thor – One step down in terms of box office, but proves there are at least two heroes who can draw a big audience.
  • Flash/Captain America – The last step with a relatively untested character before the group movie drops next summer—finger’s crossed it doesn’t flop!
  • Green Lantern/Hulk – Didn’t catch on in individual movie(s).  This is the perfect chance for rehabilitation as a supporting character.
  • Wonder Woman/Black Widow – Hey look, a woman!  It’s unfortunate that Wonder Woman is an afterthought—I hope it is not too much to assume she makes it into Justice League.
  • Aquaman/Hawkeye – If Justice League wants to hypnotize one hero for half the movie, it’s Aquaman.

I am all out of comparisons for Green Arrow, Hawkman, Martian Manhunter, or whoever else could appear in Justice League, but I welcome your input in the comments.


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