FLASHFORWARD Gets a Full Season Pick-Up. ABC Also Gives Some Love to MODERN FAMILY, THE MIDDLE and COUGAR TOWN

     October 12, 2009

Flash Forward ABC TV show image (4).jpg

ABC has announced a full season pick-up for David Goyer and Brannon Braga’s “FlashForward”. With the huge ratings for the premiere and only a mild drop-off for the subsequent episodes, this was almost a sure thing. Also, the show recently sold to more than 100 territories worldwide. Once that announcement was made, ABC’s decision was a no brainer.

What most people don’t realize is how much the entertainment industry relies on  the rest of the world for revenue. Even if a show is struggling in America (“Heroes” anyone), if the network and production company are making tons of money licensing the show to other countries, it’s not going off the air anytime soon. So if you’re ever nervous about your favorite show, see if it airs in other countries and how much they pay to air it. ABC also picked up “Cougar Town”, “The Middle” and “Modern Family.” If you missed my exclusive interview with David Goyer and Brannon Braga, click here.