New Images from FOOTLOOSE Remake; Director Craig Brewer Speaks About the Film

     May 6, 2011


Some new images from Craig Brewer’s (Hustle & Flow) upcoming remake of Footloose have appeared online.  The original film told the story of a city kid who loves dancing that ends living in a place where dancing and rock & roll have been outlawed.  It looks like not much has changed in the remake after looking at these pictures, but I am still looking forward to seeing what Craig Brewer brings to the table with this one.  The film stars Kenny Wormald, Julianne Hough, Dennis Quaid, Ray McKinnon, and Andie MacDowell.  Hit the jump to take a look at the pictures and to read about how Brewer’s film will be different from the 80s classic.

footloose-movie-image-julianne-hough-01I was one of the many people who were surprised by the announcement that Craig Brewer was going to direct the film.  It all makes much more sense now after reading his interview with USA Today.  The director admits that “I had the soundtrack in my Walkman all the time.  I constantly played it.” He also talks about the changes he made to the project when he signed on by saying, “The project that they wanted to do was like a big dance celebration of Footloose.  I gravitate more toward the conflict between Rev. Moore and his daughter. The relationship between Ren and Willard.”

Earlier this year, Collider went to a Paramount presentation where they showed some footage from the film.  Matt Patches had this to say about the footage that was screened:

“Those worried that director Craig Brewer lost any of his edge transitioning to the remake of the classic ’80s dance movie, have no fear. The minute montage of footage gives off a gritty, southern vibe to the new Footloose, with plenty of dance moves and, at some point, an exploding bus. This isn’t Black Snake Moan, but it isn’t the Zac Efron Disney-fied version either. The film is vibrant and should be a balance between Brewer’s work and the world of Hollywood.”

I really like the thought of a Craig Brewer directed musical and everything so far shows that the film has the potential to really surprise us.  Until proven otherwise, I am remaining optimistic about it.  Footloose opens on October 14th.

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