FOR A GOOD TIME CALL… Blu-ray Review

     March 15, 2013

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Not so long ago, two girls at Florida State were roommates. One was a quiet, “Felicity” type, the other, a bold virgin who ran a phone sex line to cover college costs. A decade later, the quiet one (Lauren Miller) hit Hollywood, married Seth Rogen, and met up with her old friend (Katie Anne Naylon) to brainstorm film ideas. The result, For a Good Time, Call…, became a reality, and now the fun and foul-mouthed buddy girl comedy has hit DVD and Blu-ray.  Hit the jump for our review.

for-a-good-time-call-movie-image-ari-graynor-01The set-up is familiar. Two polar opposites find themselves living together and learning the charms of the other’s company. Lauren (Miller) is the prim and proper girl dumped by her adventure-hungry boyfriend, fired from her job, and desperate for a place to stay. Katie (the delightful Ari Graynor) is the girl with no real career who lives in rent-controlled Manhattan luxury thanks to her now-deceased Bubbie. When the price of the pad is about to rise, their gay bff reunites the enemies to get over their differences and help each other out. The twist: a phone sex line is the magic that bonds them.

When strategist Lauren discovers Katie’s risqué side-gig, repulsion is quickly replaced by curiosity. The two become partners, each being the perfect antidote for the other’s personal issues. Lauren helps create a lucrative business for her roommate, while Katie helps Lauren lighten up and figure out what is actually important to her.  They’re two girls learning to be self-sufficient in the world … while purring obscenities and sex acts into a pink phone with the likes of Rogen, Kevin Smith, Mark Webber, and Ken Marino on the other end.

for-a-good-time-call-movie-image-lauren-miller-01The familiar set-up and bawdy humor fail to reach the classic levels of hits like Bridesmaids, but the comedy is bolstered by the rareness of the approach – a sex comedy steeped in obscenities and faked orgasms that’s really about female friendship. The jokes aren’t the punchline, but rather the entry point into the story of two women whose worlds are incomplete before befriending each other.

The Unrated Blu-ray offers all the usual ways to watch the film – high-def, on DVD, by digital copy, and through the Ultraviolet service. The video and sound are perfectly solid – the 1080p transfer makes the mix of lush colours and set-pieces look great while the sound is clear and full of scene-appropriate audio mixing. Sadly, however, this is just barely an “unrated” offering. The Blu-ray gets away with this by adding a whopping three minutes to the film’s run-time.

The special features are standard. The best are the deleted scenes, which offer background rather than just a line or two of extra dialogue. The clips range from another look at Lauren and Katie in college, to the pair having an incensed dildo fight. There’s also an audio commentary with the stars, Naylon, and director Jamie Travis that’s full of energy and describes a lot of little minutia (who’s in pictures in the background, who improv’d), but not any really interesting meat, unless you want to be able to rank each of the cast/crew’s favorite scenes to film. And finally, there’s a super-short featurette that has the usual congratulatory motions and is easy to zip through.

In these releases, however, it’s all about the movie, not the special features. For a Good Time, Call… is a sweet comedy that might be too by-the-numbers, but makes up for it as one of the rare female-centric crude comedies that’s equal parts ridiculousness and heart.


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