For Your Consideration – Sam Rockwell for Best Actor in MOON

     October 22, 2009


The Academy can–and often does–neglect obvious choices in the major Oscar categories.  Studios throw their weight behind certain films and actors and it usually turns out that the biggest marketing budget wins.  Then there’s the obstacle of how the Academy turns away from performances in genre films in favor of hot actresses going ugly or actors doing a perfect impression of a recently deceased legend.  Throw all this together and it looks like the people are going to have to rally if Sam Rockwell is going to get the Oscar nomination he deserves for his performance in Duncan Jones’ “Moon”.  Hit the jump to find out how you can support a worthy cause.

We join our brothers at /Film in the campaign to get Mr. Rockwell an Oscar nomination.  If you know an Academy member, let them know but do so with some subtlety.  For example, if someone says, “They killed everyone I ever loved!” you can respond, “You know who also killed?  Sam Rockwell in “Moon.”

A slightly better option is to click here and sign the petition for Rockwell to get a Best Actor nod.  The goal is 1,000,000 signatures.  That doesn’t make any official change but the more signatures it has, the more likely Sony Pictures Classics is to pump money into a For Your Consideration campaign for Rockwell.  Also, be sure to tweet the petition and use the hashtag #samrockwelloscar

Finally, Jones spoke with LAGenX Radio about the grassroots campaign to get Rockwell and Oscar and you can listen to it below.

If you haven’t seen “Moon”, it hits DVD on December 29th, but you should just trust those of us who have and sign the petition now.

Moon movie poster Duncan Jones.jpg

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