Force Friday II Announced; Packaging Reveals New Look at Rey, Finn, and Poe

     February 16, 2017


While it may seem odd to think that any merchandise based on a Star Wars would qualify as a gamble, back in 2015, it kind of was. Disney bet that loads of fans would purchase Star Wars: The Force Awakens stuff months before seeing the film. And it turns out the studio was correct. People put their faith in Star Wars, and then breathed a sigh of relief that all of the characters were great so the action figures didn’t have to go in the trash.

Now that everyone’s on board, Disney has no problem announcing “Force Friday II”, another sales extravaganza where loads of Star Wars: The Last Jedi toys will go on sale on September 1st. There are no details on what toys will be included, but the press release notes: “As well as introducing new characters from the movie in toy form, the line will build on the success of products like Sphero’s BB-8, introducing more innovative technology to bring the characters and stories from the film to life in unique ways.”

While there’s some stuff that seems obvious—Luke Skywalker getting a new action figure, Rey with lightsaber, etc—it should be interesting to see what new toys come along for fans. Also, while toys for The Force Awakens prompted fans to start a campaign asking, “Where’s Rey?” there will be no missing her for The Last Jedi. She’s front-and-center on all of the packaging, flanked by Finn and Poe. That’s awesome.

Check out the packaging below along with the full press release. What toys are you hoping to see and purchase on Force Friday II? Sound off in the comments.


Image via Disney

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