Julia Louis-Dreyfus In Talks for FORCE MAJEURE Remake

     March 26, 2015

veep julia louis dreyfusVeep star Julia Louis-Dreyfus is circling a starring role in Fox Searchlight’s remake of the award-winning Swedish drama Force MajeureThis could be a piece of casting genius. Ruben Ostlund’s 2014 film examines marriage, family and gender dynamics by asking, what would you do in a dire emergency? The original film centers on a family who goes vacationing in the French Alps when an avalanche tumbles down on their resort. The mother tries to protect her two children while the father runs inside the building, abandoning his family. When they are all safely reunited, his actions raise questions and consequences that threaten the stability of his family.

THR reports that Dreyfus is in negotiations for the role as the mother and will produce the project as well. She’s is perfect for the role. While instant remakes tend to draw my ire and side-eye as obvious cash grabs, Dreyfus’ involvement in the project allays a certain amount of suspicion. There’s no doubt that she can nail the dark comedic tone of the film – her work on Veep is arguably the funniest thing on TV right now. She also has the perfect ferocity and withering glare for the protective mother suddenly turned disdainful toward her cowardly husband. No writer or director are attached at this point, but if they land talent on par with Dreyfus, this will be a remake worth getting excited about.


Image via Magnolia Pictures

Here’s the official synopsis of the original film. You can check out Adam’s review here.

A Swedish family’s ski trip in the French Alps is cut short by news of an oncoming avalanche, during which an impulsive decision by the father Tomas drives a wedge between him and his wife, Ebba — he has run for his life, while she has stayed to protect her children. When the anticipated disaster fails to occur, reality and embarrassed relief returns to the mountainside resort, but the family’s world has been shaken to its core. Force Majeure is an observational comedy about the role of the male in modern family life.


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