New Regency Acquires Feature Film Rights to FRAGGLE ROCK

     October 29, 2011


Get ready to dance your cares away. With nostalgia running high as The Muppets are set to return to the big screen next month in The Muppets, a feature film version of that other puppet show is on its way as well. New Regency has acquired the rights to turn the HBO series Fraggle Rock into a feature film. The series, also created by Jim Henson, centered on the adventures of a group of creatures called “Fraggles” who live in a network of caves (Fraggle Rock). Fraggle Rock, or “The Muppets on acid”, ran from 1983 to 1987 on HBO. I always found the show to be creepy, yet weirdly engaging. It’d be cool if they made a slightly twisted film version in the vein of The Nightmare Before Christmas, though chances of that happening are slim to none. Hit the jump for more.

It’s unknown whether the feature film will use the puppets or if they’ll go the CGI/live-action mix route. New Regency is also responsible for the recent run of Alvin and the Chipmunks films, so let’s all hope they decide to take the film in a different direction than that franchise. There’s a really cool Fraggle Rock movie out there somewhere, so I’m hoping New Regency doesn’t turn it into a pop-song infused 90 minute run of fart jokes. Deadline reports that the studio and producers are apparently working out whether to use puppets or CG right now, after which they’ll put a writer on the project.


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