Frank Miller and Spirit Producer Deborah Del Prete – Exclusive Video Interviews

     October 20, 2008

On Saturday night I attended the Scream Awards and managed to interview a bunch of people on the red carpet. The ones you’re about to watch are with Frank Miller and Producer Deborah Del Prete.

Since I had very little time with both of them, I tried my best to get good info. With Frank, I asked him if The Spirit movie came out like what he had envisioned in his head. I then tried to get some info on what’s up with the 300 sequel….he gave me a very funny answer.

And Deborah told me they just finished the movie (The Spirit) and that she’s currently working on Ender’s Game. She also saidthat they might be bringing back an old sci-fi hero….

Here are the two interviews…

Frank Miller

· Did The Spirit come out like what he envisioned in his head

· How is the 300 sequel going

The Spirit Producer Deborah Del Prete

· How did the film come together

· What was it like to work with Frank

· She says that she might be bringing back an old sci-fi hero with Frank Miller but she can’t announce it yet…

· She then talks about Enders Game – she’s developing it

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