Frank Miller – Exclusive Video Interview

     August 5, 2007

Posted below are two more video interviews that I got to do while on the red carpet for the “300” screening at Petco Park in San Diego. And if the name Petco Park sounds familiar, it’s because that’s where the San Diego Padres play baseball. Yup, Warner Bros. rented out the park and showed “300” to about 10,000 screaming fans on Friday night at Comic-Con, and the crowd seemed to love it. At least I think they did based on the screaming I heard.

Anyway, the two interviews below are with Frank Miller and Tyler Bates.

Obviously Frank Miller needs no introduction, but for the uninformed, he’s the writer of more high profile comics than anyone else and he’s also the one who is about to bring Will Eisner’s “The Spirit” to the big screen.

And Tyler Bates is the composer of “300” and he’s also going to be the one doing the music for “Watchmen.” Of course when I found that out I asked a lot of questions….

So enjoy these two, much more coming soon.

Frank Miller

  • I started videotaping halfway into Frank’s answer, but he was asked about The Spirit from my partner Erico at
  • He’s asked about casting…this was before the recent announcement.
  • He tells us that he’s been drawing like crazy because he’s storyboarding the entire movie
  • I then ask if we might get a book on these drawing and he says he’d imagine so.
  • And the most interesting thing he told us was that they’ll be shooting the film like Sin City and then making some of the film in black and white and some of it in color, but he also says he’s planning on some new things with the use of color. What that means…. You’re guess is as good as mine.

Tyler Bates – Composer for 300 and Watchmen

  • I ask if he needs to have a lot of death to take on a project.
  • He talks about watching the project develop and the entire process.
  • He talks about writing the music for 300 and announces he’ll be doing the music for Watchmen.
  • He talks about how he’s read the script and the novel and how he’s thinking about the music already.

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