Frank Miller’s THE SPIRIT Gets a Second Trailer

     July 15, 2008

Written by Nicole Pedersen

The latest trailer for Frank Miller’s “The Spirit” is online, and it is all about the ladies. Let me just say that if you didn’t think Eva Mendes was hot before – check her out clad only in black, white and red. Written and directed by comic hero Frank Miller, “The Spirit” looks as good as “Sin City,” only with more babes and less distracting color… if that is even possible.

Eva Mendes as Silk Sharef, Scarlet Johansson as Silken Floss and Jamie King as Lorelei Rox all get plenty of screen time in this, our latest glimpse at Will Eisner’s comic classic come to life. I even caught myself wondering if I was watching some bizarre fragrance commercial until Samuel L Jackson popped onscreen as Dr. Octopus to ask Denny Colt (aka ‘The Spirit’) “what’s your deal with women?”

I can’t answer that question – the last “Spirit” trailer I saw had Miller’s masked man declaring his love for his city alone – “his mother, his lover.” The guy obviously has some issues, but apparently finding hot babes who like leather is not one of them.

“The Spirit” descends this Christmas. Click here for HD.

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