FRANKENSTEIN TV Series Gets Put Pilot Commitment from Fox

     October 23, 2014


Get ready for a lot more monsters because now, in addition to Universal’s plan to reboot their classic monster movies and create a new cinematic universe, we’ve also got a Frankenstein TV series in the works.  Fox just nabbed the “grounded sci-fi drama” Frankenstein via a put pilot commitment.  Crisis and Life creator Rand Ravich is all set to pen the script.  He’ll also executive produce alongside Homeland’s Howard Gordon.

Apparently the show will pull from the Mary Shelley mythology and follow what happens when a corrupt FBI agent is brought back to life and given a second chance.   Hit the jump for more information on this new Frankenstein series.

frankenstein-posterAccording to Deadline, Frankenstein will focus on a guy named Adam Tremble, a morally crooked FBI agent who dies, but is ultimately brought back to life by an “antisocial Internet billionaire” and “his bio-engineer twin sister.”  This reanimated Adam is both younger and stronger, and must decide whether to indulge in temptations from his past life or honor his new purpose by handling “threats beyond the FBI’s capabilities.”

Perhaps it’s because I, Frankenstein is still rather fresh in my mind, but it’s hard not to think, do we really need a TV show for the guy?  Not only is there a chance Universal could move forward with a new Frankenstein movie in the near future, but Victor Frankenstein is already being put to great use on Showtime’s Penny Dreadful.  Plus, as described here, this approach sounds incredibly formulaic.  Even beyond Frankenstein, how many times have we seen rough and tough FBI, Black Ops, CIA and all sorts of other agents hit troubled times and then get a second chance?

The show’s only got a put pilot commitment and a brief, paragraph-long synopsis, so perhaps there’s more to it, but at this point, there’s no hook to Frankenstein to make me think it’s worth remaking.  (Or rather, reimagining?)