Fred Dekker and Ashley Scott/Brad Beyer – Exclusive Video Interviews – Saturn Awards 2008

     June 28, 2008

Earlier in the week, I attended the 34th Annual Saturn Awards here in Los Angeles.Since I shot over 2 hours of video interviews, it’s taking a lot of time to edit and post everything. Also, since I have so much footage…I’m trying to post a little bit each day so you can actually enjoy it all.

But today is D-Day. My goal is to post all the interviews I still have by tomorrow…so to meet that goal, I’m going to keep the intros brief.

So posted below are two interviews. The first is with two of the stars of Jericho – Ashley Scott and Brad Beyer. During the two minutes backstage, they talked about the show and what future it may have.

The other interview was with director Fred Dekker (Monster Squad) and his DVD producer. They talked about a possible Blu-ray release of Monster Squad and what might be on it…and he was also asked about a possibly DVD release of his first film, Night of the Creeps.

Look for many other video interviews in the next few hours. Oh, and one final note, sorry for the volume on the questions….the answers sound great, just not what was asked.

Ashley Scott and Brad Beyer Video Interview

They talk about the future of Jericho

Fred Dekker (The director of Monster Squad) Video Interview

  • Night of the Creeps DVD talk
  • Blu-ray Monster Squad talk – Fred says there are a few other deleted scenes that could go on Blu-ray

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