Friday Box Office: ELYSIUM on Top Opening Day; May Face Close Race with PLANES to Win the Weekend

     August 10, 2013


Two wide releases opened Friday: the sci-fi effort Elysium is in first place with $11.2 million—the Disney cartoon Planes follows in third with $8.1 million.  However, Planes should see the animation bump on Saturday and Sunday.  Epic and The Croods (recent animated movies that opened on a Friday in the same box office range) earned 72-73% of their weekend box office on Saturday and Sunday.  If Planes follows a similar path, it should reach $28-31 million for the weekend.  Elysium is more likely to resemble recent actioners 2 Guns and Pacific Rim, which peaked on Friday and grossed 61-63% of their weekend box office on Saturday and Sunday.  That track would also land Elysium in the $28-31 million range for the weekend, so it could be a close race.

We’re the Millers opened Wednesday and looks good in second place with $8.5 million, on its way to making back the listed $37 million budget by Monday.  Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters also opened Wednesday, and lags behind with a $4.9 million Friday.  Check back tomorrow for full details on the weekend box office.

Title Friday Total
1. Elysium $11,200,000 $11.2
2. We’re the Millers
$8,510,000 $20.0
3. Planes $8,105,000 $8.1
4. Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters
$4,900,000 $13.8
5. 2 Guns
$3,400,000 $40.8

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