Friday Box Office – FAST FIVE 2011’s First Blockbuster with $33.2 Million Debut

     April 30, 2011


Now we’re talking.  Though April showed signs of life with Hop and Rio, it looks like 2011 has its first real blockbuster on its hands with Fast Five.  And not a moment too soon!  If I had to write one more box office report which parsed out the relative merits of a $15 million opening weekend I was going to have to slap myself.  After earning a reported $3.8 million in its midnight debut, Fast Five went on to take in a Friday total estimated at $33.2 million.  Most projections now have the action sequel earning over $70 million for the weekend.  Not only would that make Fast Five, easily, the highest debut of 2011, it would also pace the $71 million debut of the franchise’s last installment, Fast and Furious, which has held the record for the highest April debut of all-time since 2009.  So for once the trailers were right: summer really did start early this year!  For the rest of the top ten, it appears to be perpetual January, with both Disney’s Prom and TWC’s Hoodwinked Too! underwhelming in their debuts.  Full details tomorrow.

Title Friday Total
1 Fast Five $33,200,000 $33.2
2 Rio $3,600,000 $92.8
3 Madea’s Big Happy Family $3,100,000 $34.1
4 Water for Elephants $2,900,000 $26
5 Prom $1,850,000 $1.85

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