Friday Box Office – GREEN LANTERN Lights Up with $21.6 Million Debut

     June 18, 2011


After earning $3.35 million from its midnight screenings, Green Lantern brought in an estimated $21.6 million from 3,816 venues – 70% of which were 3D equipped.  The third comic book property to hit the screen since Memorial Day, the Lantern seems headed for a weekend in the $60 million range: about where mid-week tracking placed it.  That would put the DC Comics title just under Thor’s $65.7 million May debut and just over the $55.1 million launch of X-Men: First Class.  Considering that both of those films had Rotten Tomato scores significantly higher than the current 23% rating for Lantern, I’m thinking that Warner Brothers has, so far, dodged a shiny, green bullet.  Of course, word of mouth is going to be a factor with GL and, with international estimates unavailable, it is hard to draw an accurate picture of the film’s prospects.  The weekend’s second new release, Fox’s Mr. Popper’s Penguins, managed a second place finish on Friday and will probably be lucky to get to $20 million by Sunday.  We’ll have full details and analysis tomorrow.

Title Friday Total
1 Green Lantern $21,605,000 $21.6
2 Mr. Popper’s Penguins $6,400,000 $6.4
3 Super 8 $6,005,000 $57.5
4 X-Men: First Class $3,350,000 $111.7
5 The Hangover Part II $3,180,000 $226.2

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