Friday Box Office – THE KARATE KID Kicks Up $18.8 Million; THE A-TEAM Settles for Second

     June 12, 2010

After two weeks of disappointing returns, it looks like the summer box office season will get some of its mojo back this weekend, thanks mainly to a surprisingly robust performance by The Karate Kid. Sony’s reboot of the 1984 classic took in an estimated $18.8 million on Friday from its 3,663 locations – nearly double the studio’s most optimistic estimates. That means that, with a nice Saturday bump, the solidly-PG flick is looking at a weekend total as high as $55 million. The forecast is not quite as sunny for the week’s other revamped release – The A-Team. The TV retread rolled out on Friday, picking up an estimated $9.5 million from 3,535 theatres. With a three day estimate of only $28 million projected, Fox may want to start looking into their “Plan B” right about now. Oh right. There is no Plan B. Full weekend details when you check back tomorrow.

Title Friday Total
1 The Karate Kid $18,800,000 $18.8
2 The A-Team $9,500,000 $9.5
3 Shrek 4 $4,500,000 $198.7
4 Get Him to the Greek $3,200,000 $29.6
5 Killers $2,600,000 $24.8

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