Friday Box Office: ‘Glass’ Doesn’t Crack, ‘Kid Who Would Be King’ Misses the Throne

     January 26, 2019

the-kid-who-would-be-king-sliceLike an extremely strict aquarium, no one at the box office is going to be touching the Glass this weekend. Director M. Night Shyamalan‘s twisty comic book thriller took home $4.9 million in its second Friday night, looking to bring in another $15-16 million by the end of the weekend. The Upside is also sticking around, having itself a solid little $3.1 million Friday night, on track for a $10-12 million showing in its third weekend. But the newcomers are off to an un-kingly start, to say the least. Arthurian update The Kid Who Would Be King‘s sword is still firmly stuck in the stone from the start, opening to a disappointing $1.7 million on Friday—the same take as Aquaman in its tenth Friday—and trending toward $8-10 million. The twisty noir Serenity starring Matthew McConaughey and Anne Hathaway fared even worse, sailing toward a $4-6 million debut.

The Kid Who Would Be King is director Joe Cornish‘s first film since 2011’s stellar alien invasion flick Attack the Block. For his latest, the English filmmaker took on the legend of King Arthur, with Louis Ashbourne Serkis playing a grade-schooler who discovers the mythical sword Excalibur. Critics have been pretty kind to the film—our own Matt Golberg called it “thoughtful, funny, cute, and charming for both kids and adults”—and it landed a solid B+ CinemaScore, but the numbers are disappointing considering its Cornish’s comeback and the fact it came with a $60 million price tag.

Serenity, however, is landing with a thud both at the box office and with audiences, garnering a brutal D+ CinemaScore. Written and directed by Steven Knight, the seaside noir tale—which includes a plot twist that we will not be discussing here—stars McConaughey as a fishing boat captain whose ex-wife (Hathaway) asks to take part in a murder.

Take a look at Friday’s numbers below and check back tomorrow for full weekend estimates. (Numbers via Box Office Mojo)

Rank Title Friday Total
1. Glass    $4,980,000 $59,521,135
2. The Upside      $3,100,000 $54,004,846
3. The Kid Who Would Be King     $1,700,000 $1,700,000
4. Aquaman   $1,700,000 $310,904,074
5. Serenity  $1,600,000 $1,600,000

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