International Trailer for FRIENDS WITH BENEFITS

     May 25, 2011


Screen Gems kicked off the marketing campaign for Friends with Benefits with a red band trailer, then followed up with a green band trailer.  This new international trailer (the text is Portuguese, so I’m assuming Brazil) lies somewhere in between on the dirty scale.  In fact, I believe if the studio turned this into the MPAA, it would come back stamped in red.  There’s plenty of new footage, but I think I need to forego any further exposure to before seeing the movie.  Justin Timberlake and Mila Kunis are affable stars, and I trust writer/director Will Gluck (Easy A) with the colorful subject matter.  But this kind of comedy struggles to charm in such short, concentrated bursts.

I don’t have to last too long: Friends with Benefits opens in the U.S. on July 22.  Patricia Clarkson, Richard Jenkins, and Woody Harrelson also star.  Watch the trailer after the break.

Via Coming Soon:

They lost the “Closing Time”/Third Eye Blind bit that always hooked me in the first two trailers.  Brazilian (and possibly Portuguese) readers that were listening to the radio in 1999: did “Closing Time” register in your country?

Dylan (Justin Timberlake) and Jamie (Mila Kunis) think it’s going to be easy to add the simple act of sex to their friendship, despite what Hollywood romantic comedies would have them believe. They soon discover however that getting physical really does always lead to complications.


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