FRINGE Friday Night Timeslot Inspires FIREFLY Style Opening Credits

     December 20, 2010

Since the series is moving to Friday and the returning episode in January is titled Firefly, one YouTube user thought it was only appropriate to merge Fox’s sci-fi series Fringe with the canceled but loved series Firefly by way of a snazzy opening credits sequence modeled after Joss Whedon’s cult classic series. Gulacit says, “These are two of my favourite shows and wanted to do some kind of tribute to both of them, this is the result. I tried to do my best to be faithful to the original opening.” Hopefully this video will be the only similarity between Fringe and Firefly as the latter found itself canceled after being jostled around on Fox’s programming schedule.

Remember, Fringe isn’t taking their Friday scheduling lying down as a new promo aims to re-animate the seemingly dead programming night by making Friday freaky. Thankfully outlets such as Entertainment Weekly and CNN have been covering the awesome promo, so hopefully viewers will get the message and tune in every single Friday for the spectacular show. Thanks to Seriable (via Topless Robot) for calling this to our attention.