FRINGE Fights Friday Death Sentence with Powerful New Promo Featuring Quote from Collider

     December 14, 2010


As one of the many people worried about J.J. Abrams mysterious series Fringe getting moved to Fridays, this new promo fighting the negative connotations of a Friday time slot is just what the doctor ordered. Aside from the fact that it features a prominent quote from yours truly, the series aims to make Fridays freaky and shows no signs of assuming an impending death from their midseason schedule change in January. As an inside joke referencing another Friday ridden Fox series, the first episode back from the winter break is titled Firefly. Fringe returns Friday, January 21st, and if you want to make sure it doesn’t end up doomed by its new time slot, make sure you tune in every single Friday. Check out the fantastic new promo: