Frosty Bumped Into John Cleese at Sundance and Learned About A FISH CALLED WANDA Musical

     January 16, 2009

Written by Matt Goldberg

Going to Park City, Utah for the Sundance Film Festival apparently wasn’t awesome enough so our intrepid Editor-in-Chief Steve “Frosty” Weintraub had the good fortune to bump into legendary comedian John Cleese while exiting a Starbucks. This was actually Cleese’s first time attending Sundance and he was spending the week there with his daughter, Camilla. Both Frosty and Cleese walked towards the local Albertson’s and talked about Cleese’s upcoming projects, because when you bump into John Cleese, the smart idea is to ask him about his plans for the future and not quote lines of “Fawlty Towers” at him, which is what I probably would have done.

While the idea has been mentioned in passing a few times, Cleese is actually working in earnest with Camilla on a stage musical adaptation of his classic film, “A Fish Called Wanda”. They’re hoping to have it finished in the next two to three years and debut it in San Diego with the hope of the production continuing on to Broadway and London’s West End. Personally, I can’t wait to hear the musical numbers they give to Ken and Otto.

Additionally, Frosty also learned that the producers of the “Pink Panther” films have approached Cleese about possibly spinning off his character, Chief Inspector Dreyfuss, into his own movie.

So Frosty got fresh information about “A Fish Called Wanda” musical and “The Pink Panther” spinoff all in the span of five minutes because he bumped into a tall gentleman wearing a hat and sunglasses while exiting a Starbucks. If Steve bumps into any more of my heroes, I’ll be sure to report it, weeping with tears of jealous rage.

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