Frosty has seen THE DARK KNIGHT

     June 27, 2008

UPDATE – This article originally had 12 movie clips from The Dark Knight. We have been asked by WB to take down the clips for now…but when we can repost them we will.

Until then…here’s what I thought about the film…

When you read the next sentence you might get very mad at me. Last night, I saw The Dark Knight in IMAX.

While fandom might be nervous that the film has been hyped too hard or it won’t deliver what we all hoped it could…I am here to report The Dark Knight is a masterpiece. And unlike Batman Begins, which had a weak 3rd act, The Dark Knight is flawless beginning to end.

It’s very rare for me to say this…but I have nothing to nitpick. Usually when I see any movie I wish they had done something differently…but The Dark Knight is the comic book movie geekdom has waited their entire lives for. It’s easily the best Batman movie and it’s also one of the best comic book movies to ever hit the screen.

But calling it a comic book movie does the film a disservice. It’s a great MOVIE…regardless of the fact that Batman is the star.

And since everyone’s been asking me about Heath Ledger’s performance and is it Oscar worthy….

Look, it’s June. The big Oscar movies are still months away and who knows what other performances will hit movie screens. But Heath’s performance is as good as the hype, and I was sad when the film ended, as I knew this was the last performance from a gifted actor. I don’t need to see him posthumously win a trophy to tell me how great his portrayal of the Joker was.

Finally, do yourself a favor and try to avoid spoilers. I walked into the theater not knowing anything and I’m so grateful I did. You’re so close to seeing the film….don’t learn what happens.

And one last thing…this movie was partly shot in IMAX. So if you have an IMAX theater around you…go see it in IMAX!! All the big actions scenes and the establishing shots are filmed in the large screen format and they’re breathtaking on the big screen. A few of the scenes last night caused the normally jaded journalist crowd to let out a few gasps….

Anyway, the clips below are for the people that don’t want to listen to my advice…go in spoiler free…but for those that need a Batman fix…enjoysome footage.

Again…clips we be reposted as soon as we can.

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