Frosty Watches ‘Jackass 2’ Then Interviews the Cast and Jeff Tremaine (The Director)

     September 12, 2006

I almost threw up in the theater. It could have been from the drinking vodka sodas beforehand at a pre-party. Perhaps it was from laughing so hard in the theater. Or maybe it could have been from Steve-O wearing a helmet which was literally attached to Preston Lacy’s ass. As Preston was farting, the air was being put into a tube which attached to Steve-O’s helmet, so that was all the air that Steve-O could breathe in, and believe me, it gets worse than what I just wrote.

While I could go on and on about all the skits and what made me laugh, that would just be an asshole move. As I have written about many times in the past, giving away plot points and spoilers, even in a film such as Jackass Number 2, it ruins the fun and surprises that are awaiting you when the film opens September 22nd.

Here are my very quick thoughts.

If you liked the first one, you are going to like the second one. If you thought the first one was the most vile piece of filmmaking ever seen in a movie theater, this one pushes it even further. And even though I saw it for free, I can’t wait to pay and see it again in a crowded theater on opening day.

I am sure some of you are wondering if the sequel is better than the first one.

Honestly, I don’t know. When I saw the first one it was an unrelenting assault on my senses. I laughed so much and so hard that my stomach and face hurt when I left the theater. While this new one is extremely funny and seriously gross, I don’t know if it is better. The one thing I will say about #2 is that it never stops, it is just as unrelenting and probably more disgustingthan the first one.

And even if it is not better than the first one, it is absolutely worth your full price admission ticket, especially opening weekend, when you can share in the experience with a theater full of people. Because as good as Jackass Number 2 is, it really helps to hear everyone else screaming with laughter all around you.

Anyway, last weekend Paramount did a junket with the cast and Jeff Tremaine the director. I can honestly say this was the loosest junket I have ever been to. First of all it was at the Roosevelt hotel in Hollywood, and then it was by the outdoor pool, with the roundtables held in the cabana rooms.

The only cast member who was not there was Bam Margera, who Paramount claimed missed his flight. After speaking with the other cast members I think Bam decided not to come.

So they divided up the cast into four groups and brought them in to talk. What followed was the most R rated conversations I have ever recorded in an interview. Many journalists that I shared the room with were frustrated due to the frank conversations that arose, for example when some of the cast spoke of drinking horse cum. However I was smiling from ear to ear, knowing that I was going to post the audio for all of you to hear and enjoy for yourselves.

Before you listen or download this audio be warned. The conversations are between R and NC-17 in nature and if you are easily offended or do not like hearing such foul language, you really should not listen to the Steve-O part. All the others are pretty foul as well, but the Steve-O one is the worst. You are warned.

One last thing, a ton of the movie is freely discussed in the interviews, so if you want to be surprised you should probably listen to them after seeing the film.

To listen to the audio either click the link below or right click it and save it to your computer for later. Hope you dig them.

Johnny Knoxville and Jeff Tremaine

Steve-O, Chris Pontius and Ehren McGhehey

Preston Lacy and Wee Man

Ryan Dunn and Dave England

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