Development on FROZEN 2 Remains Cold Say Co-Director Chris Buck and Producer Peter Del Vecho

     March 9, 2015


Let’s accept that Frozen 2 not being rushed into production is a good thing. Let’s accept that when we bemoan sequels and how they don’t live up to the original, there are filmmakers who are willing to say, “We don’t have a good story yet, and it takes time to get it right.”

The closest Frozen fans will get to a sequel for the time being is the upcoming short, Frozen Fever, which will play in front of Cinderella. At the press day for both pictures, Christina spoke with Frozen co-director Chris Buck and producer Peter Del Vecho about the prospect of a sequel:

PETER DEL VECHO: It certainly is out there. People clearly have expressed interest in it, even within the company. We’re not actively working on it, at the moment, though.

disney-frozen-kristoff-svenDel Vecho then explained that it takes three to four years from conception to the finished product, and Buck elaborated that just because the world is built, that doesn’t mean a sequel is any easier:

BUCK: The only advantage we might have is that our main characters are developed and built in the computer and designed. We’d have a step up, in that regard. When it comes to developing new characters, you have to design and build them, and all of that sort of stuff.

The two then explained that ultimately, the biggest challenge is having to follow a global phenomenon:

DEL VECHO:  On the other side, we have to make a movie that’s better than the original. That’s a tough act to follow.


BUCK:  We created our own little monster for ourselves, but it’s a good one.

Fans just need to be patient and realize that monster isn’t going to rear its head any time soon.


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