Kristen Bell Shares Updates on ‘Frozen 2’ and the Olaf Christmas Special

     September 19, 2016


During a chat with Kristen Bell for her new comedy series The Good Place, which premieres tonight at 10pm on NBC, the voice behind Frozen‘s Anna gave us an update on the status of the animated hit’s sequel and a planned 2017 Christmas special. We’d previously heard from Bell back in March when she announced that she thought she’d be heading back into the recording studio as the highly anticipated sequel prepared to kick off its production.

But things on the Frozen 2 front have been relatively quiet since then. Despite a few false starts over the last couple of months, our own Christina Radish has confirmed that Bell has not actually started recording yet. It seems the script is still in the process of receiving a final polish, as it apparently has been for the last six months or so. There has been progress on the upcoming Christmas special, however, so Frozen fans can delight in the fact that there will be new material coming your way by late 2017 at the earliest.


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Here’s what Bell had to say on the subject of all things Frozen:

Collider:  How are things going with Frozen 2? Back in May, you told one of my colleagues that you were about to start recording dialogue for the sequel. Have you done a lot of that recording, since then? 


KRISTEN BELL:  We haven’t, actually. I thought we were about to start recording, but I was mistaken. So, we haven’t begun yet. They’re putting the finishing touches on the script. We record, as those characters, often. At the change of season at the parks, whether it’s for Disneyland, Epcot, or when Japan opens, we will record new voices for our characters, but we actually haven’t started recording for the second Frozen. But what we have been working on is an Olaf Christmas special that we’re doing for next year (airing on ABC). We’ve recorded that already, which has been a lot of fun to work on.


Are there new songs in that special, or did you just do voice recording for that?


BELL:  There’s new music, as well. Yeah, there are new songs.


Frozen really has become this incredible thing, for everyone involved. What’s that like, to get to originate a character like that?


BELL:  It’s such a cool feeling! It feels like being a part of a little bit of magic. You just hope that the project you’re working on brings people joy, and then you look at the team around you and you realize that you can’t go wrong with a dream team, like the one they put together to work on Frozen. It’s so much fun!

Check out the premiere of The Good Place tonight at 10/9c on NBC, then be sure to watch during its regular time slot on Thursday nights.


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