Dave Grohl and Kristen Bell Team for Epic Metallica-Meets-‘Frozen’ Mash-up

     November 1, 2017


If you want to play one last Halloween trick on the kids, try this one on for size: Kristen Bell arrived on ABC’s late-night show Jimmy Kimmel Live! last night for its Halloween holiday installment. At least, that’s her excuse for dressing like Tom Selleck‘s title character from Magnum, P.I. anyway. Meanwhile, with the show’s regular host Jimmy Kimmel out for the week due to family issues, legendary rocker Dave Grohl stepped in as a guest host for this hour. He was dressed as Wild-Style David Letterman, of course. So with the musical talent of Bell and Grohl together, and with the melodious magic of “Cleto and the Cletones” at their disposal, it’d be tragic if they didn’t collaborate on something crazy.

Enter: Frozen. Disney’s smash-hit animated feature, which has already conjured spin-offs and shorts, has generated a number of musical hits. (Don’t worry, there’s no “Let It Go” here.) Some of those happen to be favorites of Grohl’s kids, so Bell was happy to oblige his request that she perform one of them. The song in question? “Do You Want to Build a Snowman?” A contemporary classic … except this one comes with a twist. With Grohl taking to the drumset, you just know that this thing’s going to get a rocking angle to it. But what happened next is sure to confuse young Frozen fans everywhere.

Check out the full bit from Jimmy Kimmel Live! below:

Guest Host Dave Grohl reveals that his daughters love Kristen’s song “Do You Want to Build a Snowman?” from Frozen so they decide to perform a mash-up of it with Metallica’s “Enter Sandman.”

Check out more highlights from Grohl’s Halloween stint on Jimmy Kimmel Live! below:

Before guest-hosting our show, we find Dave Grohl doing something unexpected in Jimmy’s office.

With Jimmy out this week, his pal Dave Grohl stepped in to host our big Halloween show.