FURIOUS 7: What Did You Think?

     April 3, 2015


Furious 7 opened last night, and has already raked in $15.8 million domestically, so presumably, some of you already saw it and many more of you will see it this weekend. The franchise has dramatically evolved over the past couple of entries, which makes it even more humorous that it all started about street-racing, small-time criminals. Now they’ve gone international to become unskilled special agents, and audiences love it.

I finally got on board with the franchise at Fast & Furious 6, and while Furious 7 is an enjoyable film, it’s not the leap forward that’s been made over the course of the past three entries. There are plenty of delightfully bonkers moments, and the franchise certainly won’t lose any fans. I just think the movies work better with a larger ensemble and while director James Wan did an admirable job for his first action movie, he’s not quite at the level of Justin Lin (who, it should be noted, got progressively better with each sequel).

But now we want to know what you think. Sound off in the comments section about your reaction to Furious 7. It’s an open discussion so spoilers are allowed; being uncivil towards other commenters is not. If you missed it, click here to read Perri’s review.


Image via Universal

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