FURIOUS 8 Producer Neal Moritz Says We’ll Hear an Update about the Sequel Soon

     April 23, 2015


Usually when a franchise explodes like Furious 7 and crushes box office records, the studio can’t wait to announce when we’ll see the next installment. However, Furious 7 opened several weeks ago, and the studio is playing remarkably coy with the bombastic franchise. There are plans to make three more movies, but when will be seeing them?

Steve spoke with producer Neal Moritz about Furious 8 at CinemaCon yesterday while he was promoting Sony’s Goosebumps, and asked when we might hear about the sequel moving forward:


NEAL MORITZ: If that’s going to happen, it’s going to be soon.


Well I know Furious 8 is happening so…


MORITZ: Well, we’re definitely talking about it, but we’re also kind of all said to ourselves, “Let’s relish this moment of Furious 7. Let’s relish it, and there will be plenty of time to talk about Fast 8.”

The producer also said he wasn’t sure yet if they would be bringing back Furious 7 director James Wan since he’s committed to helm The Conjuring 2 and that might create a scheduling conflict.

Moritz is also the producer behind the 21 Jump Street films, and back in January, directors Phil Lord and Chris Miller said they were interested in the possibility of a crossover with Men in Black. Speaking about the odd sequel/reboot, Moritz said, “We’re working on it. I’d love it to come. I love the idea, I love the story, and we’d love it to come if it all comes together in the right way.”

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Image via Universal Pictures

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