The Future According to Films Infographic

     September 2, 2011


The future as depicted in films and television shows is a funny thing. It’s something everyone wants to see, but rarely is it ever right. I mean, we’re supposed to have hoverboards in four years right? Get on that, science. Well lucky for us, someone has put together a fantastic infographic timeline that goes through what the various years should look like according to the movies. In addition to being super convenient and entertaining, it’s also pretty damn informative. If you’ve always wondered where exactly Alien took place in relation to Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure but were too lazy to look it up, today’s your lucky day.

Hit the jump to check out one of the coolest things you’ll see all day. But beware, the timeline does include a few spoilers. So tread lightly if that’s not your thing.

Here’s the infographic, created by @TremulantDesign (via Geek Tyrant and /Film). Click to enlarge: