‘Future Man’ Season 2 Trailer Reveals a Seriously Insane New Timeline

     December 27, 2018


Hulu has released the official trailer for Future Man Season 2, offering a new look at the comedy sci-fi series’ second season. Instead of simply retreading territory that worked the first time around, it is abundantly clear in this trailer that Future Man Season 2 is ambitiously shooting for the stars with an insane new premise set in an insane new timeline.

The first season of Future Man revolved around a young slacker played by Josh Hutcherson who is visited by two warriors from the future (played by Eliza Coupe and Derek Wilson) who believe him to be The One who can save the world from utter chaos. That season traveled around in time a bit, mostly focusing on events in present day with sojourns to the 1960s and 80s and brief glimpses at the future.

For Season 2, however, it appears that the trio’s efforts to fix the future were seriously compromised, as they now exist in a new, post-apocalyptic timeline. So yeah, Future Man Season 2 kinda looks like Mad Max: Fury Road on mushrooms. There are jokes aplenty to be found, and even a cameo from Seth Rogen who executive produces the series alongside Evan Goldberg.

As a huge fan of the show’s first season, I’m really enthused by the insanity on display in this Season 2 trailer. Hutcherson, Coupe, and Wilson have great chemistry, and I admire the ambition of the show’s writers and producers to really just blow up their premise and kind of start from scratch.

Check out the Future Man Season 2 trailer below. The new season hits Hulu on January 11th.