Future-Set ‘Robin Hood’ Movie Lands a VFX Wiz Director

     August 8, 2016


It’s been a long time since we’ve heard anything Robin Hood-related as far as movie or TV news goes, even as multiple projects have been in the works over the last few years. So while we wait to hear word on whether or not Robin Hood: Origins will ever get off the ground, we do have a new development concerning producer Gianni Nunnari’s future-set Robin Hood picture.

As THR reports, the untitled feature that reimagines the title character and his merry band in a far-flung future London has now landed a director. Experienced visual effects wizard Hasraf “HaZ” Dulull will take to the helm for Nunnari and his Hollywood Gang production company. The script was turned in by comic book writer Tony Lee. The plan is to put together a team of London-based talent in order to stay true to the heart of the British legend.


Image via Lens Foundry

At the moment, Dulull is in post-production on a space exploration thriller titled The Void, an adaptation of his short film Project Kronos that would be his debut feature film. Dulull aims to break new ground in visual effects for the picture, possibly learning techniques and developing technologies he might just use on Robin Hood. Nunnari, who produced such films as the 300 and its sequel along with Immortals and Shutter Island, was impressed with Dulull’s short films, including the sci-fi thriller, Sync. Here’s what Nunnari had to say about Dulull coming on board and his singular talent:

“HaZ brings the grounded realistic approach to the world depicting technology and people in a not too distant dystopian London.”

The team is looking for a production start some time in 2017.

On the surface, a “futuristic Robin Hood” is a headline that’s easy to shrug off or laugh about, but I think there’s certainly some interesting possibilities here. Don’t get me wrong, it could easily go off the rails, but if they’re aiming for something along the lines of The FIfth Element, it could be a fun crowd-pleaser.


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