‘Fyre Fraud’ Trailer Shows Hulu’s Competing Fyre Festival Documentary

     January 14, 2019


Last week, we got a trailer for Netflix’s upcoming documentary, Fyre: The Greatest Party That Never Happened, which premieres on Friday. But it looks like Hulu wants to beat Netflix to the punch by releasing their own Fyre Festival documentary, Fyre Fraud, which is available starting today. The Fyre Fraud trailer is now online, and it looks like both cover the same event, but with a different aspect on their mind. Whereas The Greatest Party That Never Happened seems to be more of an all-encompassing doc that looks at the disaster that was Fyre Festival, Fyre Fraud seems particularly focused on the fraudulent element and how mastermind Billy McFarland defrauded investors and customers.

For those who are unfamiliar with the 2017 debacle, EW had a pretty good summation in its write-up The Greatest Party That Never Happened:

Co-founded by rapper Ja Rule and entrepreneur Billy McFarland, Fyre Festival was sold as a posh music festival with pricy villas, thanks to a misleading promotional video and social media posts from models. By the time guests arrived on the Bahamian island destination, they found themselves stranded with no flight back, hurricane tents instead of the promised resort, and a blaring speaker instead of A-list bands.

What I like is that both documentaries look good, but that they’re coming at the event from different angels so it doesn’t feel like you only have to watch one. I’m excited to watch both films this week and see what they gleamed from this catastrophe.

Check out the Fyre Fraud trailer below. The film is now available on Netflix.

Here’s the official synopsis for Fyre Fraud:

The Fyre Festival was the defining scam of the millennial generation, at the nexus of social media influence, late-stage capitalism, and morality in the post-truth era. Marketing for the 2017 music event went viral with the help of rapper Ja Rule, instagram stars, and models, but turned epic fail after stranding thousands in the Bahamas. Featuring an exclusive interview with Billy McFarland, the convicted con-man behind the festival; FYRE FRAUD is a true-crime comedy bolstered by a cast of whistleblowers, victims, and insiders going beyond the spectacle to uncover the power of FOMO and an ecosystem of enablers, driven by profit and a lack of accountability in the digital age.


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