Check out Gabz’ Limited Edition Posters for Tony Scott’s TRUE ROMANCE; Available in “Detroit” and “Los Angeles” Versions

     February 20, 2014


True Romance is one of Tony Scott‘s best films.  It boasts a great cast and a fun Quentin Tarantino script.  The film has legions of fans, and now they’ll have a chance to own a limited edition poster based on the picture.  Designed by artist Gabz, the posters represent the two main settings: Detroit and Los Angeles.  The blue Cupid on the white background is for Detroit, and the black Cupid on cream is for Los Angeles.  The prints measure 24″x36″; there will be 85 for each the Detroit and Los Angeles version, printed with 6 inks. Each version will be $55.  The prints will be sold online at Odd City Entertainment at a random time on Friday, February 21st.

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Here’s the press release:




Polish artist, GABZ, has again partnered with ODD CITY, this time to bring to the world his vision of the 1993 Tony Scott/Quentin Tarantino epic, TRUE ROMANCE. The image features all the characters whose actions impact the story of our favorite on screen couple, Clarence and Alabama, all encapsulated within the silhouette of Cupid himself. And just as the film featured both the cities of Detroit and Los Angeles, this print will be released in two versions, one for each city. The blue Cupid on white background for Detroit, and the black Cupid on cream for Los Angeles.

“Coming up with a concept for a movie like True Romance, that I have been a huge fan of for years and is among my favourite Tony Scott films of all time, wasn’t as easy as I thought it would be when I first got the proposal. There are so many brilliant quotes, memorable scenes and a mind-blowing soundtrack on top of it all.

The Hawaiian shirted Cupid I went with, symbolizing the bizarre romance between Alabama and Clarence, came to me as a revelation and I felt I had a winner. I desperately wanted to not only catch the mood of the film, but also include as many characters as I could possibly fit. I love every single performance from the movie and I felt like everyone deserved a tribute.” – Grzegorz “GABZ” Domaradzki

Release and Purchase Information:

The Odd City True Romance 24”x36” limited edition prints, in Detroit and Los Angeles versions, will be sold online at the Odd City Entertainment store. They will go on sale at a random time

Friday, February 21, 2014.

About GABZ:

Grzegorz Domaradzki, the artist known as GABZ, graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Poznań, Poland with a Masters Degree in Graphic Arts and Drawing. His creative process has evolved from a desire to make his work more broadly appealing and optimistic. Each piece he produces captivates and brings a unique illustrative story to the subject from which he drew inspiration,.

For more information on this artist, visit his website.

About Odd City:

Odd City is a company of art enthusiasts whose mission is to bring original art and high quality licensed screen prints to the world at large. Based out of Austin, Tx, Odd City was the dream of film and art lover Roman Morales. As Odd City continues to grow with each release we strive to work with artists, designers and illustrators from all over the world to keep producing engaging art.

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