Limited Paper: Jay Shaw, Josh Budich, and Jeff Boyes Team Up with Gallery1988 to Present New Work; Exclusive First Images Here

     July 30, 2012


We’ve covered the awesome work being done by the Gallery 1988 guys before here at Limited Paper:  they’re the guys behind this summer’s awesome run of Breaking Bad posters, last month’s desperately-needed Arrested Development-themed show, and—most recently– Mark Englert’s Comic-Con exclusive Alien poster (You Are My Lucky Star).  Yes, the Gallery88 guys have been on a roll this year, and this week’s new batch of prints—from Jay Shaw, Josh Budich, and Jeff Boyes—looks to continue that trend.  What sort of new work can we expect from the guys later this week?  Find out after the jump, folks.

If you’ve been reading Limited Paper since its inception here at Collider, then you know we’re big fans of the work being done by the guys over at Gallery1988, who are to California what Mondo is to Texas.  Most recently, the G88 guys released Mark Englert’s jaw-droppingly cool Alien-based poster, You Are My Lucky Star (during one of Comic-Con 2012’s most…uh…festive lines), and just last week they dropped the latest in their long-running Breaking Bad series, a wildly-intricate Kevin Tong print by the name of The Superlab.

Well, not too long ago the Gallery announced that it’d be holding an all-new show, one packed to the gills with brand-new work from Jay Shaw (last seen holding his one-man Don’t Go Out Tonight show at the Mondo Gallery in Austin), Josh Budich, and Jeff Boyes– a trio of artists that should be familiar to any Limited Paper reader worth his or her salt.  The advertisements billed the show simply:


As you can see, the trio of prints pictured in that invite/showcard shows off (from left to right) a Josh Budich Akira piece, a Jay Shaw Invasion of The Body Snatchers piece, and a Jeff Boyes Teen Wolf print.  So, fine, maybe the “theme” of the show hasn’t been honed to a razor-sharp point:  Gallery88’s newest showcase really does amount to nothing more than “new artwork from three artists you know and love” (via email, Budich jokingly called it a “3-man solo show”), but when that’s the lineup you’re working with, “new artwork” is plenty enough to get us interested.

We were even more interested once we got a look at all the preview pics below.  Budich was nice enough to send over a pair of pics from his third of the show, and since one of those (the first, Sorceress) is making its internet debut here at Limited Paper, we’re going to let him go first.  Here, check ‘em out:

  • Sorceress by Josh Budich
  • 18×18”
  • $40 regular edition of 75 (40 available at the show)


  • Tetsuo by Josh Budich
  • 18×18”
  • $40 regular edition of 75 (40 available at the show)


That Sorceress is pretty sweet, eh?  Took me and head honcho Steve “Frosty” Weintraub about two milliseconds to realize we were looking at the first He-Man-related print we’d seen in as long as either of us could remember (those clunky-ass swords are a dead giveaway, as is the presence of Battlecat in the background).  Anyway, Budich should have six new prints at the show, all of them six-color screenprints of the same size, edition size, and with the “Sistine Pop” theme.  For more head over to Budich’s website.  Moving along…

When we contacted Canadian-and-proud artist Jeff Boyes about the show, he was cool enough to shoot a few preview pics of his own our way.  You might remember Boyes from such prints as The Cousins (Boyes’ recent contribution to Gallery88’s Breaking Bad series) and that awesome Clark W. Griswold print no one ever seems to want to sell me (if you’ve got one, well, as a lifelong Chevy Chase fan I have to politely demand that you hand it over immediately).  Boyes’ contributions are pretty damn nifty, see which one you like more:

  • The Wolfmobile by Jeff Boyes
  • 10.5×26”
  • 4-color screenprint, 2 metallic inks
  • $50 regular edition of 60 (40 to be sold at the show)


  • Eternal Sunshine by Jeff Boyes
  • 10.5×26”
  • 5-color screenprint, 2 metallic inks
  • $50 regular edition of 60 (40 to be sold at the show)


Tough call, ain’t it?  I’m going with Eternal Sunshine, if only because that movie still makes me cry like a baby every time I watch it, and any movie that can reduce me to a quivering puddle of angst is one worth championing.  Though, to be fair, the fact that the Teen Wolf print has two different metallic inks running through it has me pretty torqued (to borrow a phrase from my friends over at Workaholics), so…gonna come down to the wire on this one.  Moving along again…

We come to Jay Shaw, known in some nefarious circles as “Iron Jaiden”.  Last time we caught up with Shaw, he was positively beaming at the opening of his Don’t Go Out Tonight show at the Mondo Gallery (if you don’t already own—and proudly display—a Killer Nun print in your home, your home is not complete), and just a few weeks ago he released a truly epic Mimic print (each of which ended up signed by Guillermo del Toro) at the Mondo booth during Comic-Con 2012.  What else has he been up to lately?  Well, these, plus five others:

  • Invasion of The Body Snatchers by Jay Shaw
  • 18×24”

  • Klute by Jay Shaw
  • 18×24”

Now, you’ll probably notice that we’re missing a few key bits of information up there:  price, for one thing; edition size, for another.  The database over at ExpressoBeans is listing each of these as having an edition size of 30, but we’re not sure if that’s just the number being sold at the show…or if that’s the total number of prints in each edition.  We’ll update with that info as soon as we’ve got it.

Secondly, yes, this is but a fraction of the seven total prints that Shaw’s set to debut at Gallery1988’s newest showcase…but the titles we’ve heard for some of the other prints to-be-revealed are very exciting, indeed (think:  Limited Paper’s all-time favorite Gene Hackman movie), and have left Limited Paper scrambling for a backup poster-buddy for Thursday’s show.

Which reminds me:  all of this is going down this Thursday, August 2nd, at Gallery1988’s Venice Beach location (that’s 214 Pier Avenue; Santa Monica, CA 90405) starting at 7pm (and lasting until 10pm, and then on display through August 25th).  As always, we’ll have much, much more coverage—including every last piece making its debut at the show—later in the week, and you can keep your eyes peeled over at the official Gallery1988 website for any online sales.  In the meantime, if you’re an art gallery looking to announce an upcoming show, an artist looking to share pics of an upcoming release, or if you’re just someone with a red-hot poster-related bit of gossip you’re looking to share with someone, drop us a line via  Everyone else can sound off in the comments section below…and stay tuned for more from Limited Paper as the week progresses!

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