Could Joe Cornish or Shane Black Direct ‘Gambit’?

     October 22, 2015


When director Rupert Wyatt departed the director’s chair of Fox’s Gambit picture last month, the adaptation of the Marvel comic character’s story was left without anyone at the helm. To fill that vacancy, recent reports have suggested that star Channing Tatum has been courting director Doug Liman (Edge of Tomorrow). However, it’s looking like more directors are of interest for the chair, which is unsurprising considering how popular and successful the majority of comic book movies have been in recent years.

Heroic Hollywood reports that Joe Cornish (Attack the Block) and Shane Black (Iron Man 3) are also in contention to direct Gambit. The production will have some time to sort everything out since although they were scheduled to start next month, it now looks like the start of filming will be pushed back until March of 2016. This puts the film’s planned October 7, 2016 release date in question as it’ll likely be delayed as well. I’d expect to hear a more solid rescheduling of that date once a director is locked down.

joe-cornish-gambit-directorCornish’s main hit as a director came by way of 2011’s sci-fi/action flick, Attack the Block, in which John Boyega (Star Wars: The Force Awakens) leads a gang of South London teens against invading alien creatures. While he hasn’t directed a feature film since then, he does have writing credits on this year’s Marvel movie, Ant-ManAttack the Block was a fun and fresh take on the alien invasion sub-genre, but it’s hard to track just what influences Cornish brought to Ant-Man since he shared writing credits with multiple other screenwriters. With such a limited filmography to glean from, it’s hard to say just how a Cornish-led Gambit film would turn out.

Black, on the other hand, already has the big-budgeted Iron Man 3 on his resume and is slated to direct a new Predator film, Sony’s adaptation of the pulp comics character Doc Savage, and the crime/mystery movie The Nice Guys, which sounds to be reminiscent of his Kiss Kiss Bang Bang. He’s in post-production on the latter film and has turned in his most recent draft of Predator to Fox. It’s because of this studio connection and his comic book movie experience that Black seems like a good pick for Gambit, but Cornish could certainly make a worthy dark horse candidate. Let’s not forget that Liman is in the mix as well.


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Who would you want to see direct Gambit? Is it one of the names mentioned above or someone else not yet considered? Do you think Tatum has reached the point in his career when he can sit in the director’s chair himself? Let us know in the comments!

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