Watch: Bad Lip Reading with GAME OF THRONES

     October 17, 2013


The internet meme known as “Bad Lip Reading” has made its way to Game of Thrones, and the results are quite funny.  For those unfamiliar, the video involves dubbing over footage from a famous movie or TV show (in this case HBO’s insanely popular Game of Thrones) with squirrely lines that kinda sorta fit with the actors’ mouth movements.  Though this version, titled “Medieval Land Fun-Time World,” starts off a bit shaky, it starts to come together as soon as Tyrion and Joffrey’s dubbing begins.  The result is a cross between Adventureland and Clueless set within the confines of Westeros.

Hit the jump to take a look.  Game of Thrones will return to HBO with season four sometime next spring, likely in March or April.