TV Talk: ‘Game of Thrones’ Finale Discussion; Bryan Fuller Talks ‘Star Trek’ Series

     June 27, 2016

On this episode of Collider TV Talk (June, 27 2016) Josh Macuga, David Griffin, Sinéad de Vries and Sasha Perl-Raver discuss the following:

  • Bryan Fuller talks about his new Star Trek series
  • Stephen Amell talks violent Arrow episode
  • Highs and lows


Image via HBO

Last night we saw the final episode of season 6 of HBO’s Game of Thrones. If you’d like to avoid spoilers, keep an eye out for the spoiler alert on the following video. Wait till you see the sidebar change to join back in the conversation.

During an interview at the Saturn Awards with Bryan Fuller, showrunner for the new Star Trek series debuting on CBS All Access, Collider’s Steve ‘Frosty’ Weintraub got some great news for the fans. Fuller, who also worked on Voyager and Deep Space Nine, said the season will be 13 episodes with the entire story being outlined and written. They’re also meeting with possible actor and thinking outside the box when it comes to gender, sexuality, and the boundaries where the show can go. He also mentioned we might get more news at Comic Con and that he’s looking at race cars as inspirations for the new ship.


Image via USA

USA has kept spoilers, hints and just about everything else about Season 2 of Mr. Robot under lock and key, but we did get some good news last week. The network will air back to back episodes when they premiere Season 2 on July 13th at 10pm. They’ll also be adding 2 more episodes taking the total to 12. Sam Esmail, the creator of the show, will direct every episode, and, USA is launching an after show called Hacking Robot.


tv-talk-agents-of-shield-ghost-riderImages of a San Diego metro train last week got fans of Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. in quite the stir. The train is wrapped in art promoting the only superhero show left on ABC and what fans would imagine is a big presence at Comic Con at the end of July. The most prominent graphic on the train is a flaming chain which, pun intended, set the internet speculators on fire at the possibility of seeing Ghost Rider in season 4.

Stephen Amell, a.k.a. Oliver Queen a.k.a. The Green Arrow, took to Facebook live to do some ab work and also tell fans what to expect in the season 5 premiere. Along with saying that season is going to be ‘f***ing mean’ Amell also dropped some possibly fantastic hyperbole when he said, the premiere may have the most vicious, violent one-shot in the history of network television.


  • Vinyl cancellation
  • Archer renewed for seasons 8-10
  • Legends of the Hidden Temple TV movie
  • HBO developing Prep from bestselling novel of the same name
  • Insecure trailer on HBO
  • Ray Donovan season premiere
  • Quarry trailer on Cinemax
  • Linda Carter joining Supergirl as the female president
  • Legends of Tomorrow add Vixen in Maisie Richardson-Sellers
  • American Gothic pilot
  • The Bachelorette
  • Divorce trailer on HBO
  • Amy Poehler developing The Baby at NBC
  • Matthew McConaughey says he would return for more True Detective
  • Fargo may not immediately return after Season 3
  • Game of Thrones pay raise to $500K per episode for top 5 actors
  • The Get Down trailer

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