New Images From the Set of GAME OF THRONES Season Three Show More Non-Book Scenes

     October 9, 2012


Game of Thrones fans who have read the book series on which it is based are pretty divided about extra scenes being added to the series that weren’t in the original materials.  But A Song of Ice and Fireisn’t sacred text (nor is George R. R. Martin a sacred writer, as anyone who has read his sex scenes knows), and many of the changes (like expansions to Robb Stark’s story, plus Renly and Loras’ relationship, etc) have been welcomed.  Still, there are others that have not been so well received, and rightly so, because they’ve very much changed some of the overarching dynamics of the characters (back to Robb Stark again, and also Littlefinger).

New pictures from the show’s sets give that same “could go either way” vibe.  On the one hand, a closer friendship between Sansa and TV!Shae is interesting.  But oh, wait, who’s that in the corner?  Ros?  Of course it is.  Will Ros be taking over the role played by Dontos in the books?  Is Littlefinger taking her to … oops, sorry — for more you’ll have to hit the jump! (Spoiler alert for non-book readers). [Update: We’ve removed the unofficial images.]

a-storm-of-swords-book-coverWill Ros be the one who sets Sansa free from Tyrion?  And will Littlefinger also be allowing Ros to tag along to the Eyrie?  Long sigh.  One of my major complaints about the TV series is what has been done with Littlefinger (I’ll leave Ros out of it for now).  I know it’s almost impossible to show his inner machinations on TV but he still seems (in addition to having power of teleportation) to be an open book, which is an unfortunate — but perhaps necessary? — change.

As for this scene between Tywin and Pycelle … I’m wary.  TV!Tywin is so likable (curse you Charles Dance), which is a problem if his story is going to continue with is book character’s overall trajectory.  Still, I cannot deny that I really enjoyed his non-book scenes with Arya last season, and I’m not totally opposed to those fingerless gloves and fab boots, either.  It is known.

A Song of Ice and Fire has always been seen as an extremely difficult work to adapt, and while the first book made it easy for the series to stick close by, the same could not be said for Clash of Kings.  Unfortunate, because A Storm of Swords is pretty perfect the way it is, and hopefully the changes made in the second season won’t have to clatter up against Swords‘ great plots and reveals too much to the negative.  Prayer circle that R’hllor will shine his light to lead the way.

HBO’s Game of Thrones is set to return in March of 2013.