‘Game of Thrones’: Watch a VFX Breakdown of Season 6’s Masterful Effects

     July 27, 2016


Another season of Game of Thrones is in the books, which means one of the show’s visuals effects houses has released a VFX breakdown reel. This time it’s Rising Sun Pictures, and rather than focus on a season’s worth effects shots, this VFX reel takes a look at the destruction of King’s Landing from the season finale.

We’ve seen in past VFX reels what it takes to build King’s Landing up. There’s plenty of compositing work, adding little details, color timing, and all that good stuff. But what does it take to burn it all down? What goes into making a giant bell land on a hapless citizen? These VFX reel goes into fascinating detail about all the little things that went into utterly destroying the Faith Militant.

Check out the VFX reel below.

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Image via HBO