Thrones Talk: ‘Game of Thrones’ Season 7 Finale Video Recap: “The Dragon and the Wolf”

     August 28, 2017

On this episode of Collider’s Thrones Talk, host Ken Napzok and his roundtable of experts Rachel Cushing, John Rocha, and Dennis Tzeng discuss the many twists and turns in the Season 7 finale of Game of Thrones.

  • The meeting at King’s Landing in the Dragonpit
  • Face offs between Tyrion and Cersei, The Hound and the Mountain, Euron and Theon, Brienne and Jamie, Jon and Cersei
  • The Hound releases the White Walker and it almost attacks Cersei
  • Jon publicly bends the knee to Daenerys risking the agreed upon truce
  • Tyrion speaks with Cersei
  • Cersei agrees to the truce and promises to help
  • Jon and Dany share a moment of connection
  • Cersei turns on the alliance and loses Jamie
  • Winterfell with Sansa and Arya
  • Littlefinger looks to be tricking Sansa into turning on Arya
  • The result of Littlefinger’s games
  • Dragonstone- Military preparations
  • Jon and Dany agree to sail together
  • The Wall comes down
  • The Night King and his Ice Dragon
  • #FrostFire
  • Season 8 speculations

Image via HBO

We also offer our overall thoughts on Season 7 and what we can expect for Season 8.

Although this is our last episode recap for Season 7, Thrones Talk is going to continue to deliver all new Game of Thrones content to keep you company while we wait for Season 8 to premiere.

With the perfect mix of avid and knowledgeable book readers like Ken Napzok and Rachel Cushing and avid watchers of the TV show in Dennis Tzeng and John Rocha, Thrones Talk will be covering Game of Thrones from every possible angle.

We’ll be exploring the various Game of Thrones characters we’ve lived with for the past seven seasons and their histories. We’ll be reviewing past seasons, talking about our favorite episodes and moments on the show, exploring some of the popular and hidden theories from the books and examining events from the books that may come in to play in Season 8. We’ll also be taking your Twitter questions and offering our insights and analysis on them.

So keep a warging eye out for Thrones Talk. We’ll be back real soon with new and exciting Game of Thrones content just for you!