16-Bit RPG of GAME OF THRONES Season Two

     July 4, 2012


After the great success of last year’s hilarious video of a hypothetical Game of Thrones 16-bit role playing game, which highlighted some of the funnier and more memorable bits of the show’s inaugural season, a sequel has just been released.  While the first season was met more or less by great acclaim from fans of the book series as well as new viewers, the second season had more of an uneven run.  Luckily, some of its missteps and themes make for great comedy fodder (yes I’m trying to be exceptionally vague until the jump).  For some specifics (Spoiler Note: be sure you have read Book Two or seen Season Two before continuing) as well as the great new video, hit the jump.

Clip via College Humor

Game-of-Thrones-season-2-16-bit-rpgAfter the quick mention of new characters (like Stannis) and locations (like Pyke), the fun-making begins with a frantic Dany running around to the refrain “where are my dragons?!  Where are my dragons?!”  ad infinitum (accurate).  We get a glimpse of that much-discussed shadow baby, and are treated later on to a bonus of endless Joffrey slapping (oh the joy, the pure joy).

One of the best jokes refers to the endless discussions about the show’s gratuitous sex scenes, or the newly coined term “sexposition,” with contractually-obligated breasts shown during a Littlefinger dance party.  The hype of Blackwater and Drunk!Cersei’s “y’all gonna get raped” soliloquy are of course included, as well as a reference to “fan fiction mode” that would pair Arya and Gendry (where’s the Naked Jaqen Dance Party, I ask you?!)

For those who questioned the changes to Robb’s character that made his fling with Jeyne/Talisa more of a knowingly selfish and stupid action rather than the mistake of a lonely and confused boy, there’s a nice “Stark Poor Decision Bonus.”  It’s just in his blood, people.  Plus, Winter is Coming and he needs an extra pelt, leave him alone.

You can also watch the first season’s RPG clip below.  Also, catch up on more of Collider’s Game of Thrones coverage.