Gamescom Trailers for ‘Shadow of the Tomb Raider’ and More Put NVIDIA’s New Tech on Display

     August 20, 2018


If you made it all the way through today’s NVIDIA presentation at the ongoing gamescom trade fair, you’re either super into graphics cards and computer technology, or you’re a hardcore PC gamer who is intent on getting the cutting-edge tech in your rig when it arrives later this September. For the masses, CEO Jensen Huang, complete with iconic leather jacket, gave more of a TED Talk on the physics of light-scattering, reflection and refraction, and how difficult it’s been to replicate those natural phenomena in real time. Luckily, you don’t have to have a PhD in either physics or computer technology to appreciate the new video game trailers from the event which are putting Nvidia’s RTX tech on display.

Below you’ll find brand new trailers for Shadow of the Tomb RaiderMetro Exodus and Battlefield V, all of which take advantage of the RTX family of graphics cards’ ability to recreate real-time lighting effects. This “ray-tracing” tech conjures up more realistic environmental lighting, crystal clear reflections, and makes computer-generated objects and characters appear more life-like than ever before. This is the first look at the RTX tech, but we’ll get a lot more opportunities to see the cards in action once they arrive on September 20th.

The Turing GPU Architecture on the RTX Platform will be available in the following formats:

  • GeForce RTX 2080 starting at $699 (the Founder’s Edition is $800)
  • GeForce RTX 2080 Ti starting at $1,000 (the Founder’s Edition is $1,200)
  • GeForce RTX 2070 starts at $500 (the Founder’s Edition is $600), *No release date yet

Check out the new RTX-powered trailers below:

Shadow of the #TombRaider will feature Native 4K resolution, HDR, High-Quality Anti-Aliasing, Proven Ambient Occlusion and many other high-end features on PC at launch! Thanks to our partnership with NVIDIA, Ray Tracing technology will also be added in a post-launch update.



Thousands of kilometres from the ruins of Moscow, Artyom and his companions discover what seems like paradise – a lush, green valley, teeming with life.


But if their years in the Metro have taught them one thing, it is this:


The night brings terror. And here, terror has a new face…


Metro Exodus is an epic, story-driven first person shooter from 4A Games that blends deadly combat and stealth with exploration and survival horror in one of the most immersive game worlds ever created. Flee the shattered ruins of dead Moscow and embark on an epic, continent-spanning journey across post-apocalyptic Russia in the greatest Metro adventure yet.


Explore the Russian wilderness in vast, non-linear levels and follow a thrilling story-line inspired by the novels of Dmitry Glukhovsky that spans an entire year through spring, summer and autumn to the depths of nuclear winter.


Metro Exodus will be departing February 22 2019 on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC!

Experience the unparalleled realism of REAL-TIME ray tracing in Battlefield V, powered by the ultimate performance of GeForce RTX. Battlefield will never be the same.


Learn More About Ray Tracing in Battlefield V

Learn More About GeForce RTX


Image via NVIDIA

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