Warner Bros. to Edit GANGSTER SQUAD in Response to Colorado Shooting

     July 23, 2012


In response to tragedies, studios quickly react in order to avoid any semblance of indifference or callousness on their part.  After the Trayvon Martin shooting, Fox decided they should change the name of their comedy Neighborhood Watch to simply The Watch.  Warner Bros. is faced with the challenge of more than just a title change following this past Friday’s tragic shooting at a midnight showing of The Dark Knight Rises in Aurora, Colorado.

The studio has already removed the trailer for their upcoming 1940s crime film Gangster Squad because it features a scene where characters start firing machine guns through a movie screen into the audience.  Hit the jump to find out how the studio plans to alter the actual film in order to respond to recent events.  Gangster Squad is currently set to open on September 7th.

gangster-squad-emma-stone-ryan-goslingAccording to Variety, Warner Bros. has not only pulled the trailer because of the movie theater scene, but they plan to pull the scene from the final film.  The studio is also “putting reshoot plans into motion” which means the scene must have been fairly important to the plot.

I don’t condone Warner Bros. cutting the scene (I don’t think the horrible acts of madmen should get to dictate the art of others), but the political reality is that the studios and the filmmakers would be accused of being insensitive if they decided to leave it in, and then the entire movie will be overshadowed regardless of quality.  Furthermore, the studio wants the picture out this fall, and even if they delayed it until 2013, people would always make that association of someone shooting into an audience full of moviegoers.  Ultimately, when looking at the ripple effect of the shooting in Colorado, reshooting a scene in a gangster movie seems relatively minor.


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