New Set Photos from GANSTER SQUAD Starring Ryan Gosling, Emma Stone, and an Adorable Bulldog

     September 21, 2011

Filming is underway on Ruben Fleischer’s crime flick Gangster Squad is underway. Since Fleischer made the unforgivable mistake of filming outdoors, set photos are leaking online.  The film centers on a group of cops tasked with bringing down mobster Mickey Cohen (Sean Penn) in 1940s Los Angeles.  We already showed you some photos of Ryan Gosling and Josh Brolin in costume and now we have some photos of Gosling and co-star Emma Stone, who plays the wife of Gosling’s character.  Some actors have difficult moving out of a modern setting but judging by these photos, Stone clearly isn’t one of them.  The terms “moll” and “dame” could easily be applied to her and I hope her character is more than just “Concerned Wife”.

Hit the jump to check out the photos, which also feature an adorable bulldog.  I hope the bulldog cracks the case because he’s such a good boy. Yes, he is.

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