Garrett Reisman Talks NASA Training, Working Deep Underwater, Future Space Travel, AFTER EARTH, and More

     June 12, 2013


It’s not too often you get to talk to someone that’s been in outer space, and also to the bottom of the ocean floor.  But at the press junket for Sony’s After Earth in New Mexico, I did just that.  During my interview with Garrett Reisman, we talked about his NASA training, what people would be surprised to learn about outer space, what it was like working deep underwater for two weeks, the future of space travel, his reaction to After Earth, and what does he say to people who think we’ve never been to the moon.  Hit the jump to watch.

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Garrett Reisman:

  • :25 Resiman explains what he does in the private sector.
  • :44 What was scarier, working for two weeks deep underwater or being in space? Tells a story about a frightening moment underwater.
  • 1:50 What’s the toughest thing he had to do in training? Says he had to do an exercise where a helicopter came and had to pluck him out of water.
  • 2:44 Talks about being in outer space and the biggest thing that would surprise people. Talks about how delicate the atmosphere is.
  • 3:32 His reaction watching After Earth for the first time.
  • 4:10 What can people be looking forward to in the near future by way of space travel?
  • 4:50 What does he say to people who think we’ve never been to the moon?


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